byr Respect all the rules I'm giving at all times. only interact if same interests, picky!, I tend to act like 707 a lot! ★ i dislike a lot of groups/idols that have mocked desi people,,

dnr -13 or 25+, rad fem, nsfw acc, you demonize lesbians, fit basic dni criteria, don't respect triggers, sexualize minors, disrespectful, hate on my favs,ship chilumi or kaeluc, use fancy fonts, dry, support bi/pan/male “lesbians”

friends ✩ bean, sol, aya, mei, kai, ali

k-pop! tbz juyeon chanhee twice tzuyu red velvet seulgi loona vivi chuu yeojin ive liz

favs! kazuha, scaramouche, chifuyu, masuki,707,ushijima, chuuya , itadori & tanjiro ^__^